by Michelle Sullivan

Our life should be a vessel used to shine forth our Savior’s light,

Let’s offer our lives to Him right now, choose to walk by faith not sight.

Like the moon reflects the sun which gives off that lunar glow,

Choose to reflect the Father’s Son so that the world will know.

That though we are far from perfect, and make mistakes along the way,

God is doing a work, making changes each and everyday.

His Holy Spirit dwelling within, wanting to correct and lead and guide,

We simply have to obey and trust, in Him we must abide.

God tells us to share His love with every tongue, and tribe and nation,

We are called to be the salt and light to the entire population.

But if we have lost our saltiness, how will we cause them to thirst,

And if they don’t thirst and turn to Him, their eternal fate is cursed.

Let’s decide today to be that salt and light – women with God’s sparkle,

Spreading God’s love everywhere we go, hoping to share the gospel.

It takes strong determination to follow God’s narrow trail,

Remember, He will never leave you nor forsake you, His love will never fail.

God will always give you the strength you need, just determine to never quit.

Stay close to Him and in His Word and your light will stay brightly lit.

The enemy does slink around us looking for someone to devour,

But, be that woman after God’s own heart and he’ll slink away and cower.

God does allow things in our life that test us and make us grow,

Keep trusting in Him and He’ll lead you along and show you which way to go.

Even when bad news comes, and life seems to throw you a curve,

Or the strains and pressures of this world have everyone on your last nerve.

Determine to reflect God’s Son in every thought and deed,

Like providing a cup of water to an enemy in need.

This is how a dying world will notice we shine God’s light,

When we offer love not hate, an act of kindness instead of a fight.

God tells us to turn from our own wicked ways so He can heal our land,

Let’s start today to turn the other cheek and offer a helping hand.

Let’s respect our husbands, love our kids and honor our fathers and mothers,

Follow God’s lead and do what He says when we want to know how to treat others.

Stop the hiss of gossip, and the drinking of too much wine,

Don’t have sex before marriage, and stop all the arguing and lying.

End the swearing and cursing, and using God’s name in vain,

Instead, meditate on His Word, and pray in Jesus Name.

This is how we win a lost world to know that God sent His only Son,

Who lived, and died and rose again, He is the Holy One.

We are called to be that beacon lighting the way to meet our amazing Lord,

Showing the world that there was a reason that His precious blood was poured.

You might be surprised by who is peering into your own little world today,

To see, who is this Jesus that you have decided to obey.

Live each moment knowing that your life is making a mark,

It’s all in choosing to do right not wrong, living a life that is set apart.

Don’t beat yourself up if there are changes to make, we are all a work in progress,

He offers forgiveness at the foot of the cross, where His blood will give you access.

He’ll give you the peace and strength, and help you to become your very best,

He’s taken your sin and cast them as far as the east is from the west!

We are daughters of the King of kings, and in Him there’s nothing that we lack,

Let’s make today the day that we start bringing Sparkle back!