The Series: Sex, Respect & Communication

Michelle serves up two different cakes in this powerful analogy that illustrates what it looks like to consult God’s recipe for marriage vs. following a list of components and instructions we witnessed being poured into the matrimony of our own parents, friends, or family.  The first cake presented is prepared by simply guessing at the quantity, method and timing.  Ingredients are haphazardly put together—a cup of flour, a cup of sugar, a cup of salt … pans not prepared, oven not preheated, eggs added 10 minutes into baking, layers baked for too long at 450°F! The baker thinks she knows what goes into making a cake, but unknowingly leaves out a couple key ingredients. The end product is flat, brittle, dry and lifeless—much like many marriages today.

Michelle does take the time to bake a second cake and this time she follows the recipe of the Master Chef explicitly—consults, measures, sifts, blends, prepares, preheats, and times.  The end product is a beautiful, moist, delicious, rich double layer chocolate cake.  When we take the time to follow the recipe of the One who created marriage, we too can enjoy a scrumptious Chocolate Cake Marriage. We simply have to choose what method we are going to follow. This powerful illustration has changed thousands of marriages—even saved many from the brink of divorce.  Let Michelle walk your ladies through a life-changing, marriage-saving, message of incredible hope that includes a cup overflowing with practical application.

Event Coordinator:   This can be done as one morning, afternoon or evening event, or a series of messages – simply invite your women, serve up chocolate cake for dessert and let the message God gave to Michelle transform marriages before your eyes!