Speaking Topics 

Chocolate Cake Marriage Series: Honey, I’ve got a headache! (55 minutes)

A powerful message with lots of humor looking at sex and communication in marriage from a Biblical perspective.  Using fun word pictures and personal testimony, Michelle makes what can be a tricky subject into one that is entertaining and practical.  God has used this message to change thousands of marriages and take the headache out of sex. You’ll come away with powerful application to move from roommate to soul mate.

Chocolate Cake Marriage Series: Got Respect?    (50 minutes)

All the love languages in the world will fall on deaf ears if we don’t speak the language of respect to our husbands. We all know we are supposed to show respect, but what does that look like practically?  Is rearranging the dishwasher after he’s helped with the dishes disrespectful?  What about checking the speedometer while he’s driving?  Many attendees wrote in to say that they experienced an overnight positive change in their marriages after applying the principles they learned from this seminar.

 Got Respect? Sons, Dads, Brothers, Bosses Need It Too  (50 minutes)

This life-changing message will  transform how you parent your son, relate to your Dad, and respond to the other males in your life.  Join us for an eye-opening teaching that will radically improve the relationships with the men in your life. Women have walked away from this talk saying, “I wish I learned this earlier.”  With transparency and fun word pictures, Michelle delivers this message with humor and grace.

We Need to Remove 1/2 His Brain – Could You Trust God? (55 minutes)

Michelle gives a moving account of the events that transpired when her third son, Tanner, had the entire right half of his brain removed in order to control daily Grand Mal seizures.  His story is currently featured in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. She shares how God gave her peace and strength, and taught her what it means to truly trust Him. We will all face trials and need practical steps on how to trust God during the storms of life. Michelle’s testimony equips her audience to take the question mark off “In God we Trust?” and replace it with a period.

Find Your Fire (55 minutes)

Do you want your sparkle back?  Deep down you want to reflect God’s light, but right now you feel a bit trapped and you’ve lost your fire? Michelle offers practical steps to help you step out into the sunshine again. Sharing her own story, which includes molestation as a young girl, unfaithfulness in her marriage, her oldest son witnessing a murder, and her third son having ½ his brain removed – this message keeps women on the edge of their seats, drinking in the truth that they, too, can experience peace, freedom, strength and purpose!

Beauty from Ashes (45 minutes)

Do you ever just want to stay under the covers in the morning?  Your valley feels too dark and deep to ever trudge your way up to the proverbial mountaintop?   Hear how the beautiful story of Ruth and her Redeemer are reflected in Michelle’s own version of being left to fend for herself in the desert and glean in the fields. Then, along comes her own Boaz and brings redemption. Hope for the hopeless!

W.I.N.G.S. – Women in Need of God’s Strength 

(2 or 3 Day Retreat – 3-5 sessions)

Come on a journey through the eyes of Esther, Bathsheba, Rahab and Ruth as Michelle shares her remarkable testimony with humor and passion — God’s strength and faithfulness through extraordinary circumstances.  Her story includes facing unfaithfulness in her first marriage of 25 years, the complete removal of one half of her third son’s brain,  her oldest son witnessing a murder, the incredible timing of her second son’s commitment to Christ, her tour with prodigal sons, a God orchestrated Ruth/Boaz relationship, and God’s faithfulness through it all. You will come away equipped to face whatever God allows into your life as you find out how to lean on Him and access His strength.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (50 minutes)

But what if you don’t think you are going to like what happens next? Just like Mary and Joseph, we are sometimes asked to go through events that we wouldn’t initially choose for ourselves.    Would you choose molestation as a child?  Brain surgery for your own child?  Witnessing a murder for your grown son?  Infidelity in your marriage?  Let Michelle take you on the journey she was asked to walk as she relates to Mary’s decision to say, “I am the Lord’s servant.  May everything you have said about me come true.”   Your guests will come away knowing they are here for such a time as this.  Perfect for your Christmas event.

Mother’s Day Tea (45-55 minutes)

All of Michelle’s topics can be tailored for a Mother’s Day Tea, Women’s luncheon, or Christmas dinner.   Find Your Fire has been a favorite for this type of event.